Here’s Your Chance to Learn All about Asphalt


You drive on it every day, but you probably have no idea what it’s made of or how it was put there. We use asphalt for many things that we don’t even think about, even the shingles on our roofs. This ancient material has been very important in construction for thousands of years. We have been using asphalt since the beginning of civilization to waterproof structures, cement materials together, build roads, and cover roofs. Every civilization in the world has used it to some degree.

I created this site so that people could have a one-stop resource for learning about the production, use, and installation of asphalt in modern society. Most people don’t even think about asphalt because of how common it is. I hope you will find this site highly informative. To begin exploring, click on any of the links in the navigation bar above.


The material that we call asphalt comes primarily from the heated, pressurized remains of primordial algae and sea creatures. We collect this material from oil and petroleum deposits and add sand and small rocks to it to make it durable and strong. The material is kept hot and sticky until installation.


Asphalt serves a variety of purposes. Most commonly, construction companies use asphalt to create waterproof (and cheap) shingles and to pave roads. Asphalt is also used to make some inks and paints darker, to make fabrics waterproof, and to seal alkaline batteries. This material is very easy to repair, so its uses are rather wide.


After the asphalt has been mixed together, the construction company will keep it hot and sticky until it is installed. The workers deliver the asphalt on large trucks with special devices that help them to slide and spread the material all over the surface they’re covering. They put the asphalt down in several layers.

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